Space Exploration Synthesis Essay

A List Of Synthesis Essay Topics About Space Exploration

The exploration of the outer space is an important topic that many people often underestimate. This exploration is not about the search for extraterrestrial forms of life or an explanation for UFOs. It’s about the core understanding of how it happened that the Earth gave birth to life, the most precious and mysterious thing that humanity has.

So, if you need to compose a synthesis essay that is dedicated to the subject of space exploration, start with choosing an interesting topic. This is a very important part because it can have a great influence on the process of your writing.

If you choose a topic that you really like, it’s probable that you will have no problems with either the process of searching for reference information for your essay nor the writing itself. You will be interested in both the mentioned activities and invest more effort, reaching a brilliant result in the end. If you are bored with the topic that you are given by the teacher or have to accept because you have no other ideas, you will need to overcome a range of unpleasant emotions before you get down to collecting the necessary information and writing. This is not the way that leads to a successful project.

So, if you are allowed to choose a topic on your own, you should try to come up with it on your own first. If you feel that it’s a failure, try searching for similar works in the library of your college. The more projects you find, the more inspiring ideas you will have. Additionally, you can try searching on the Internet for websites that can provide you with numerous samples of ready papers and their titles, like the ones that are listed below.

  1. The reasons why space exploration is important for the whole world.
  2. The benefits that humanity has gained from space exploration.
  3. The influence of space exploration on the future of the humanity.
  4. Facts about the birth of the Universe and life that the humanity can learn from space exploration.
  5. Space exploration is not only about searching for other kinds of life on other planets.
  6. Space exploration: Machines and satellites that help people reach outer space.
  7. The governmental support that space programs should receive and do receive now.
  8. The problem of space pollution with so-called “space trash”.
  9. The development of technologies that allows humanity to take another step forward in space exploration.
  10. The development of space exploration methods and means within the recent century.

Hey guys, I'm self-studying AP Eng Lang, so I'm pretty much just doing the practice exams. I wrote a synthesis essay (only part of it is posted to not bored you guys to death) for the 2009 topic about space exploration. I'm hoping you guys would take a look at it and give some constructive criticism or a score 1-9. I would really really really appreciate it, and thanks in advance!

Space exploration has not always been a measure of a country's technological development. In fact, it has only ben in the recent decades that a fascination for space travel has stemmed in the hearts of people worldwide. Although the ability of the human race to transcent the "final frontier" is laudable, in reality, several consequences ensue. If space eploration continues to advance in the future, the costs-- economically and environmentally--that we as a human race have to pay are inevitable.
Perhaps the primary critism of space travel is the funding it receives. Of course, by the extent of advanced technology and man power needed, putting man into space is quite costly. So where does money come from? None other than from taxpayers, who are obligd to pour their hard-earned salaries into an experience that the vast majority of them cannot even be a part of. Even astronauts themselves realize that the "view from 10000 miles is exclusive..." (Source G). In addition, it has been revealed that 17 billion dollars are given to the Nasa (Source E). It is true that in the greater scheme of things, 17 billion dollars is not a fortune; nonetheless, how is it justified taht citizens have to pay for the privileges of space exploration?
The issue of money may seem trivial when faced with the even more daunting issue of ethics and stewardship. The human race hardly has a "good track record in protecting our planet home" (Source E). We exploit that world, its resources, and other living beings as if we are its owners, instead of its respectful tenants. Instead of trying to expand our physical horizons with space travel, our main priority right now should be to make a better place with what have-- Earth. In fact, dwelving into other may put species native to htem at risk. Here, the issue of ethics comes into the picture. As Source E points out, our extraterrestrial endeavors shouldn't be exploited to merely serve the human race.
People can debate over money and ethics, but an issue that is likely to put everyone in unanimity is the risk of hazardous....

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