Ex Credit Assignment For The Great Gatsby

HW: Vocabulary Chapter 17

Reminder: *Study “New England Renaissance: 1840 – 1855” (Begins on Text p. 223)

   Emerson                  Thoreau                   MLA

   Melville                   Lawrence & Lee

Commas                  Semicolons                    Colons

*** Order/purchase/borrow The Great Gatsby ***You Have Time

***Must Have Novel In Class                      ***For Home: Also Available Online (Full Text)

Day 118

Due: Vocabulary Chapter 17

Review: Transitions & Transitional Devices & Advancing Sentence Structure (Writing Guide P. 30-33)

Revise Transitions, Add Transitional Devices & Advance Sentence Structure (Writing Guide P. 30-33)

Hint: Advance/Combine Sentences Where 2 Sentences Meet--As Long As It Is Not A Citation Or A Paragraph Change

Visible Editing/Advancement of Outline: Write Edits!

Essay Development

Handout: Research Outline to Essay (Writing Guide p. 29)


1. Copy & Paste Outline to Form Essay (Before Outline, Works Cited, and Annotated Bibliography) on Google Drive  DO NOT DELETE THE OUTLINE

2. Format Outline Into Essay & Add Transitions/Transitional Devices to Essay W/ Citations (Before Outline, Works Cited, and Annotated Bibliography)

3. Update Date & PRINT (Step 17)

Day 119

Due: Step 17: Formatted Essay W/ Citations, Transitions, & Transitional Devices (Before Outline, Works Cited, and Annotated Bibliography) on Google Drive & Printed

Lab: Completion & Printing Of Persuasive Essay & Works Cited– 3 Copies

1. Self-Edit (On Step 17) Essay Using Word for Help (Spell, Grammar, and Style Check)

2. Revise Essay    *Note: Revise in GoogleDocs (Not Word) & Update Date

3. Type at Top of Essay Copies (All 3)

a. Word Count For Essay Paragraphs: _____ Words

-Use https://readability-score.com

b. Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level For Essay Paragraphs: F-K = _____

-Use https://readability-score.com

4. Update Date & Print Revision: 3 Copies of Essay & Works Cited; (Step 18 a, b, & c)

Update Process Checklist:

19. Revised From 18A, 18B, & 18C; Complete Essay, Outline, Works Cited, & Annotated Bibliography (Final Revision)

Final Word Count

1. Creative Writing Extra Credit Assignment: DUE FRIDAY 6/13
You will rewrite a chapter or a portion of a chapter from the point of view of a character other than Nick.

Selecting from one of the following options below, you will rewrite the chapter from that character’s perspective. While the plot will remain the same, and you may use some of Fitzgerald’s dialogue, all of the internal thoughts, observations, opinions, what gets noticed, etc. will change because you’re writing the story from a different character’s perspective. For moments where Nick is not present—you will decide what’s said and what transpires.

  • Ch. 2 –  (Suggested – Myrtle’s POV)
  • Ch. 4 –  (Suggested – Gatsby’s POV)
  • Ch. 5 –  (Suggested – Gatsby’s or Daisy’s POV)
  • Ch. 7 –  (Suggested – Gatsby’s, Daisy’s, or Tom’s POV)

You will be expected to use figurative language, boxed vocabulary words, dialogue, and craft a narrative for least one moment/scene that Fitzgerald never describes because Nick is not present.

2. Journal – Film/Movie Comparison Extra Credit Assignment: DUE MONDAY 6/16

After you view the new film version of The Great Gatsby, provide a critical evaluation of the film. Discuss the film’s depiction of characters, point of view, key events, symbolism and theme as compared to the novel. Is the film a faithful adaptation of the text? Which changes are the most significant? What impact do they have on the story as a whole? Why do you think the filmmaker chose to make these changes?

*Be sure to abide by our Journal Rubric to earn full credit

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