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Do u belong to the itty bitty committee or was the song do your boobs hang low written for you?

Well I have the solution to all our bra woes from the small to the busty, the perky to the low hangers....the one wonder bra for all! Let's admit it we all want bigger boobs, perkier boobs, fuller boobs and for a few of you smaller boobs (if this is the case this bra may not be for you)

What magical thing is this you wonder? Well....The incredible Uplift know the ones that increase your chest by 2 sizes? I know some of you are like wait no i don't want bigger breasts! Well the thing with this bra is it is very sturdy for all your decorations...has pretty good coverage and makes your chest perkier.

I for one wear about a 32A yea try finding a pretty bellydance bra to fit a child! HA

For those that are on the smaller side you can buy one that is just slightly too big but i would advise a size bigger....for those that are chestier you will want one that is a size bigger than you wear. What? Yes as the bra will become smaller as you start crafting it into the most awesome bellydance bra ever! (often you can find them on clearance....maybe grab a couple so you can practice if you find them on sale.)

First: Find the bra....Target, Kmart, Walmart all carry them around 20.00-40.00 (this one is a whole size too big for me picked up at Kmart for 2.99)

Second: Stitch your bra together in the center (this will make the bra smaller and snugger for those not so blessed and will add more support and coverage for all breast sizes and shapes....yep it is true.....see this bra is already much smaller.

Third: Decide what kind of straps you want....either a halter or criss cross back and if you plan on covering the bra in material.

Four: Add your straps unless you are cutting the band and adding rings you will need to cover the bra first.

Five: Cover the bra (google tutorials for this part and try on before adding any want to make sure you have the right fit and coverage with no gaps revealing too much.

Now....embellish away!!!

The shape of this particular bra is completely changed and is a very snug bra with full coverage.


~ Kelley

Last week my eight-year-old son was given a captivating homework assignment: retell and illustrate a variant of Cinderella (as part of a comparative studies unit). They were learning about Cinderella stories from around the world and were required to conceptualize their own interpretations of this timeless theme.

Now a fairy tale-loving mama like myself was delighted to learn that fairy tales are alive and well in school curricula! And given my son’s penchant for drawing, though he prefers to render robots to maidens-in-distress, this was just the homework project that would hold his distracted brain captive for more than five minutes. And he thoroughly enjoyed himself as he drew the protagonist encountering all manner of challenges. It really wasn’t so different than the themes he visits through his robot stories: the basic emotions and elements of virtue, good versus evil, and a triumphant ending were all there.

I’m hoping the Cinderella assignment has finally helped him to embrace these wondrous stories as true treasures of the imagination. Maybe they will even assimilate into his own unique creative journey as he continues to crank out his robot stories. Who knows?  But I would like to think that even on a subconscious level, they will influence his narratives in a positive way, making for rich storytelling. I know they have inspired me!

In honor of his school assignment, I am posting a few Cinderella-like images that appear in The Fairy Tale Tarot. I must deliver a big thank you to Connor’s amazing 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Quintero!

Here are paintings representing the Brazilian story “Why the Sea Moans” and the English “Cap O Rushes”. Both tales utilize uncannily similar motifs (even though the stories originated from disparate cultures) suggesting that they are variants of Cinderella and arguably extensions of the collective unconscious.

Fairy Godmother

“Cinderella-like tales are probably the most common. The earliest version was recorded in China around AD 850-860 (Warner, 202). Similar tales such as The Goose Girl and Cap O Rushes concern the banishment of the heroine, a storyline found in almost every culture around the world.” ~From the Fairy Tale companion book Once Upon a Time.

And how about you, friends? Has a fairy tale story inspired you along your journey?



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